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Eagle Electronics Service


About Me

Hi, I am Carlin Eaton, the Owner and

Technician of Eagle Electronics Service since 1991. I

have always aimed to provide Northeast Arkansas and

Southeast Missouri with the best technical knowledge,

and most up to date repair facilities in the Paragould,

Jonesboro area.  Always taking the extra time and effort

to make guaranteed, reliable, affordable, professional


With an Associates Degree in Electronics Engineering

Technology, and more than 25 years of experience, on-

going training, and practice I am able to repair most any

piece of TV or Audio equipment. Including modern LCD,

Plasma, DLP, and projection TV's, computers and

printers. And of course I still repair the older CRT based

Direct View and Projection TV's as well as other items

such as VCR's, CD players, guitar and PA amplifiers, and

Stereo's from the 80's 90's and 2000's.

Are Flat Screen TV's Repairable, or should
I just buy a new one?
In most cases, (over 70% of the time), I am able to
repair these sets for less than 1/3 the cost of replaceing
the set with a good new one. Usually $90 to $130. None
of the manufacturers provide the detailed service
manuals, training or as many parts as they did back in
the early 2000's and before. However thanks to the
internet and the ability to obtain parts and knowledge
from other servicers and suppliers worldwide I am able
to reliably repair your flatscreen for a fraction of what it
would cost to replace it.

My glass in the front of my LCD tv is
broken, how much would it cost to
If when you turn on your flatscreen you see cracks or
spider-webbing, and/or you have lines of various colors
extending across and/or down the screen this is not
repairable. This is a broken LCD panel, the Liquid
Crystals that make the picture are made onto that piece
of glass and must all be replaced together. The LCD
panel is priced more than the cost of a whole new TV. I
have checked the price on over a hundred of these by
now, and it has never been worth the cost to repair.  This
is not new in the TV repair world, picture tubes for the
older style sets were priced the same way, I have been
doing this since 1989 and have never replaced a picture
tube, LCD panel or plasma panel other than in warranty.

What brand is the best to buy?

Electronics technology and the industry itself are

constantly changing. It is more difficult than ever to get

assistance from the manufacturers. Most of the old

brands that used to mean quality and service are now

just   meaningless names. Still their are some companies

that do a better job than others. If you want to know

what brands are the most reliable and serviceable when

something does go wrong I can help you make a better

buying decision.

You will find endless complaints online about any brand

name you type into Google, or Bing, or any other search

engine. Don't believe the hype.

I DO NOT SELL any new items, I only do repair and

upgrading. I know what products are most likely to

perform best for the longest time, and will therefore be

the best value for your money. This is not information

that you are going to get from a minimum wage or

commissioned sales person.

The brands I would consider purchasing for my own use

are... Samsung, Hitachi, Toshiba, LG/Zenith, Panasonic

and the more expensive parts of the Sony and Sharp

lines of products. Even among these you get what you

pay for.

No brand is flawless or makes good every complaint they

get. But your odds of being satisfied long term with your

purchase are much better with one the above brands.

These are the companies that have not sold out their

names for use on others products. Each one is basically

the same company they were 15 years ago.

If you just can't walk past the "great deals" on some of

the low end items, or just want a cheap spare set and

have your eye on a couple of different brands, feel free

to call or email me and I will tell you if one is likely to be

better than the other.

Thank you for reading and I hope to be of some help to

you in the near future.

Carlin Eaton